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  • Nova Southeastern University

    Universities exist for one reason: to further the knowledge of mankind. From the very beginning, Nova Southeastern University has embraced science and technology to enhance the educational experience. Today, aided by more than $61 million in outside funding, NSU researchers are at the leading edge of scientific breakthroughs on many fronts. More than 300 research projects are currently underway, including anti-cancer therapies, coral reef restoration, stem-cells, and wildlife DNA forensics.

    NSU will take a giant leap forward with the development of the 215,000-square-foot Center for Collaborative Research (CCR), expected to be completed in 2016. This state-of-the-art cooperative interdisciplinary center, located right on campus, will be the focal point of NSU’s medical, pharmaceutical, psychological, and dental research. The CCR will also house one of the largest wet-lab research facilities in Florida. The wet lab will be a home-base for applied health-care research and medical informatics. Researchers will collaborate within this advanced environment to investigate pharmaceutical synthesis, cancer therapy, human stem-cell research, biomaterials, wildlife DNA forensics, and ocean biomaterials.

    The CCR will be home to the Rumbaugh-Goodwin Institute for Cancer research, Florida LambdaRail, information and technology services, investigators from NSU’s 18 academic units, and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The USGS is partnering with NSU, Florida Atlantic University, and the University of Florida to promote scientific cooperation for the Greater Everglades Restoration Project, the largest public works program in U.S. history. The CCR will be an integral part of NSU’s new Academical Village, a 26-acre, mixed-use, high-tech research office park that will bring together the best minds in science from academia, government, and industry.

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