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StepOnePlus Real-Time PCR System Applied BiosystemsStepOnePlus
Gel Documentation System Bio-Rad Gel Doc XR firewire system
Shaking Incubator New Brunswick
Thermal CyclersBio-Rad
Bacteria IncubatorsBio-Rad
NanoDrop UV-Vis SpectrophotometerThermo Fisher
Genesys 10 Series UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Genesys
Plate Reader (UV Vis Fluor Lumi)Perkin Elmer EnSpire 2300
Industrial Grade Bioreactors - Bacterial and Mammalian Various
Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrophotometer (5975/6890)Agilent
Fluid Phase Liquid Chromatography - AKTA ExplorerGE
DNA Sequencer with Microsatellite PackageLICOR
High Phase Liquid Chromatography MachinePerkin Elmer
RC-6 PLUS Superspeed CentrifugeSorvall
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