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Materials TesterInstron5544A
I-Stan High Fidelity Patient SimulatorCAEI-Stan
Biodex Multi-Joint System 4 ProBiodex Medical Systems, Inc.900-860
Motion Analysis System w/integrated EMG and a two force plate systemQualisys
Technogym TreadmillTechnogym
Monarch ErgometerMonark Exercise AB894E
Metabolic Cart with Treadmill and ErgometerMedgraphicsUltima Cardi02
Parvomedics Metabolic CartParvomedics
Quinton Cardiac Stress System w/Automated TreadmillCardiac Science
K4b2 Portable Metabolic Cart (Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing)COSMEDK4b2
BodPod Body Composition AnalyzerCOSMED
Anti-Gravity TreadmillAlter GM320
Hydroworx Underwater Treadmill w/Video CapabilitiesHydroWorx500i
STARS Modular Driving SimulatorSimulator Systems InternationalS-3300M
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