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C1si Fast Spectral Confocal System


Nikon Instruments Inc.

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C1si is a modular spectral confocal system consisting of a separate scan head, spectral detector module, standard multi-channel PMT detector module, laser module, PC, control module, and monitor. Both the standard multi-channel PMT detector and the spectral detector are fiber coupled through multimode optical fibers specifically engineered to minimize reflective losses. In addition: 

  • The spectral detector acquires spectral data simultaneously in up to 32 channels using a 32 channel multianode PMT.
  • The spectral resolution is variable by choosing from channel widths of 10nm, 5nm, and 2.5nm over a range from 400nm to 750nm.
  • The scan head design includes a common set of pinholes for all fluorescence confocal channels mounted in a single turret.  The pinhole opening most closely matching the theoretical ideal is selected as the default choice in software.  The operator of the instrument is able to override this choice in software. Pinhole position is preset and does not require realignment.
  • The scan head design features user interchangeable primary (scanning) dichroic mirrors so that it can be adapted to new lasers without the necessity of its being returned to the manufacturer or distributor.
  • The lasers include a 40mW multiline Argon ion laser, a 561nm diode pumped solid state laser, and 405nm and 638nm diode lasers.
  • The system includes complete confocal acquisition and analysis software and complete spectral acquisition and analysis software.


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