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PCR Thermal Cycler


DNA Engine

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Opticon 2


DNA Engine Opticon 2 Real-Time Cycler PCR detection system uses a fixed array of LEDs for fluorescence excitation (470-505 nm) and two photomultiplier tubes for 2-color detection (523-543 nm 540-700 nm). The DNA Engine Opticon 2 Real-Time Cycler system is built on an DNA Engine thermal cycler which includes a thermal gradient feature. This item includes the thermal cycler 96-well sample block optical tower analysis software with melt curve computer and monitor. Complete system requires purchase of a DNA Engine chassis and an opticon-specific 96-well Alpha unit.

Real time PCR enables both detection and quantification (as absolute number of copies or relative amount when normalized to DNA input or additional normalizing genes) of a specific sequence in a DNA sample. The procedure follows the general principle of polymerase chain reaction; its key feature is that the amplified DNA is quantified as it accumulates in the reaction in real time after each amplification cycle.

Multicolor capability allows detection of SYBR Green I and FAM in the first channel and a range of fluorophores in the second channel including TET HEX VIC and TAMRA for a multitude of applications such as RT-qPCR and allelic discrimination. 

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