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Laser Ablation Systems


Thermo Fisher Scientific

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The TEAF has three different laser ablation units that can be coupled to any of the existing ICP instruments (ICP-MS, HR-ICP-MS and ICP-OES) depending of the sample requirements and purpose of the analysis.

Laser ablation is a state of the art sample introduction platform that has simplified the analysis of solid materials by performing rapid direct micro-sampling of solid materials with high sensitivity, accuracy and precision. Laser ablation possesses several key features that provide a tremendous potential for its application to forensic and material analysis such as, requiring minimum sample preparation and sample consumption (ng to few ug), eliminating the need of complex procedures and handling of hazardous materials for the digestion of samples, permitting the detection of major, minor and trace elements with high precision and accuracy, reducing the risk of contamination and polyatomic interferences associated with aqueous solutions; to mention some. 

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