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Cryocut 1800



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Features include a heated sliding window that gives unrestricted frost-free vision to the working area. A built-in illumination system brightly illuminates the chamber area. The finger-touch control panel is designed for easy operation with user prompts.

There is a battery backup that maintains important programmed functions such as set temperature and defrost time in the event of power failure.

The Cryocut has both a programmable 24-hour as well as a manual defrost cycle which ensures rapid, efficient and frost-free operation. The cryocabinet cools down to a maximum temperature of -35 degrees C.

The cryocut comes with a model 2020 stainless steel microtome that has a section range of 1 – 60 micrometers; it has a +/- 7 degree specimen orientation, 25 mm maximum specimen feed, a vertical stroke length of 59 mm, and a quick release knife holder.

Specifications :
Power supply -110v/60hz.
Microtome-2020 model with Angle oriented DISPOSABLE BLADE HOLDER.
Specimen Holder with locking mechanism and 360 degrees orientation.
Motorized Advance of Specimen head with two speeds.
Sectioning -(1-60 microns)
Cooling–Adjustable to minus -35 C degrees.
Automatic 24 hour Defrost cycle.

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Gary S. Margules, Sc.D.

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